Friday, July 29, 2016

Ok FINE I'll eat better already

There has been a huge Whole30 trend happening with my friend group (and I'm not sure if this is just a Bay Area-centric thing, or a national craze). I haven't quite been against the whole idea, more apathetic about adding one more thing to my list of things to do. But, on a semi-whim, John and I have decided to try out Whole30 for the month of August. I figure - we aren't traveling or doing anything really crazy next month, so why the heck not?

Being an OCD crazy person, I needed to make a spreadsheet to wrap my head around what we were doing. My favorite thing so far is that we can basically plan out every single thing we plan to eat in advance, make sure we have it in the house, and then food becomes sort of brainless (which will hopefully help me to put more of my brain power and focus into my work).

We put together this chart for our next week, and will be shopping on Monday for the majority of the items we need. We also decided we may have to do two shops and go back on Friday as well (which is abnormal for us - we usually just shop once a week and at one store), so it will be interesting to see if Whole30 ruins our grocery budget. I am hoping that because the majority of the things we are buying are veggies that it will still be within our budget range (we try to spend about $100 a week, or $400 total a month), but we'll see how it goes.

So far, my biggest reservations are about giving up dairy (CRYING FACE) and bread (AHHH WTF). Also John read that day three usually presents you with a giant headache, so that sounds super fun.

Now, off to down all of this freaking iced chai and cheese in the fridge before Monday gets here.

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