Saturday, December 11, 2010

Letterpress: Inspiration Broadside

Last week marked the close of my letterpress class with Jenny Wilkson at the School of Visual Concepts. I'm hoping I'll be able to find the funds to take a class again soon, but for now I can only dream about it.

Kim Boekbinder: Feather Clip!

I made this a while ago, but wanted to wait until I had a photo of Kim wearing it in action. My wonderfully talented friend Kim Boekbinder commissioned this feather clip from me a few months ago, and I graciously accepted! She's been traveling the world for her music, and wanted something glittery and fun to wear while she performed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blast from the Past

"Goctapus" type design concept (I'm so clever...)

I've been putting my portfolio together these past few weeks, in anticipation of my internship at Cognition Studio coming to a close on December 17th. One of the projects I'm including is my Encyclopedia Umbrellica, and Kristine suggested I go through the process of making the book to show people how I work. Since I did the project in my Experimental Typography class with Martin Venezky, there were lots of drawings to scan. I hadn't looked at these for years, but they're pretty interesting.